Landscape planning I architecture

Illustrations as images of future reality. 

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Before computer-data are available for 3D renderings, illustrations may offer enough space for ideas and visions. Without being too detailed. And with enough freedom for future planning. Due to their impressive apprearance, illustrations may transport positive emotions. Hence, illustrations are willingly used in planning-competitions, for information- and for buildingboards.



Pictures instead of text.

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Presentations often contain too much information, which can not be captured at first sight. Additionally, looking at written words does not generate emotions. It is emotions, however, that attract the auditorium´s attention. My work includes the revision of entire presentations, so that written text is replaced by pointed, custom-made illustrations. Business unusual, to your- and your audience´s enjoyment.



Hand drawn image-films.

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An increadible way to provide complex topics in an easy-understandable way to a broad public. Within a team of animation-specialists, camerapeople, narrators and audio-engineers, we produce hand-drawn videos. From the concept-idea to the finished product.


Insight into my travel-sketchbooks.

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When drawing while travelling, glimpse moments transform into intensive memories. When looking at these sketches, even years after a journey, I feel relocated to these special places.

Graphic Recording

Visual protocols at conferences and meetings.

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Graphic Recordings are live-drawn visuals documenting the content of entire panel discussions, symposia, strategy-meetings, workshops, speeches and public participation proceedings.

During Graphic Recording, the spoken word is simultaneously converted by hand drawing into an easy to understand visual. In this way, detailed content and the structure of conversations and their relations to each other are made clear with a single glance. In the course of a Graphic Recording, a large sized picture is generated, aesthetically spanning from a simple business graphic to a highly detailed and emotionally charged cartoon-like portrayal, depending on the customer’s specification.

Together with Paul H. Tontur, we established the „Graphic-Recording Company“ in 2012. For more detailed information on the topic of Graphic Recording, please see the website  www.graphic-recording.at.


Often, cartoons are first eye-catchers.

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With a sense of humor, cartoons attract attention and trasport emotions. For this reason cartoons are widely used in education, in business environment, on presentation boards, as logos, web-icons and many more.  


Portrait caricatures with passion for details.

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"While one caricaturist beats the fly with his fist, one other tickles the elephant with a blade of grass" (Andreas Dunker, German journalist).

... I prefer the blade of grass.