Alexander Czernin Msc.


born in Vienna. Now, I am living and working here again. Stations in between were Graz, New Zealand and Nepal.


inspired by Sven Hedin´s illustrated travel reports, I discovered my passion for landscape-watercolor painting. Since then, I have always been travelling with my sketchbook and watercolors.


first cartoons evolve, in order to keep me awake during the endlessly boring night-shifts in the Austrian army. As some senior officers recognize themselves in my caricatures, I manage to demobilize without any decoration to a higher rank.

1992 – 2011 parallel to my studies (University of Agricultural Sciences, Vienna) and to my work as a landscape planner (first planning office Gartenbau Lederleitner,- then 7 years at freiland Environmental Consulting ltd.), I attend several arts-classes in the field of portrait, comic, caricature, nude painting,  architectural drawing and digital illustration. Trainings were attended e.g. at the so-called Künstlerische Volkshochschule Vienna, illuskills-Vienna, Akademie Wildkogel und Zeichenwerk.
2011 While travelling in Nepal during a sabbatical, I decided to follow my passion and put my focus into illustration.
2012 Companystart freihand-zeichner e.U.

My main focus as an illustrator:  

  • Graphic recording (live drawn protocolls at larger meetings)
  • Big pictures
  • Image videos
  • Illustrations for presentations (pictures instead of powerpoint-text)
  • Projectvisualisations for landscape-architects and spatial planners 
  • Cartoons
  • Caricatures